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We have a multitude of weapon options from the mid 1800's through the present day!


WW2 US army sergeant firing Thompson at SS soldier
Vietnam M60 machine gunner in bunker
undercover police officer firing Glock

In addition to providing the correct weapons which you might need, we can train your actors in the safest and most accurate handling techniques (correct to the era/time being portrayed) making them look like true experienced professionals on camera.  We have operated and trained in the proper use, handling, and firing of hundreds of types and/or models of firearms from the world over.    From Revolutionary War flintlocks (1700's) and Civil War muskets (1800's), to nearly all World War 1 & 2 rifles (1914 - 1945).  As well as nearly each type WW1 & WW2 machine gun, up through to the Vietnam War (1960's) and even present day automatic weapon systems.  Our fully trained armorer(s) provide on set safety, as well as ensuring that all handing, transportation, and notification procedures are within the guidelines of local, state and federal law.  For you, your actors, and your crew  ...you simply just can't afford to overlook this crucial area of protocol and safety!   Besides, many states have made numerous recent changes in their state's gun laws, with the resulting penalties (for any mistakes or failures to follow the law), very high!  Hence, you really can't afford to cut any corners here.  If you need firearms on set, let us help advise you on your BEST, SAFEST, and LEGAL weapon options, and then we can provide you with what you need from our very large inventory, at a very competitive rate.   When you need an armorer, make the safe and smart call,    ...Contact Us!

Turk MG08 machine gun crew
German WW2 Panzer Grenadiers firing rifles
French WW1 Chauchat machine gunner

​​​Blank Only Firearms  = These are replicas of actual live functioning firearms (guns) that are made for solely firing special type blanks.   They cannot be modified to fire actual live rounds.* 

Blank Adapted Firearms = These are actual LIVE functioning firearms (not revolvers) which have been safely modified for firing special blank ammunition with a BFA (Blank Firing Adapter).  ​* 

Class III Weapons  = These are fully automatic weapons that MANDATE strict federal and state requirements, and a licensed handler.  ​

Armorer = Is the highly trained & experienced individual that knows the weapons being used, and who at all times, maintains the safe use, handling, and firing of any & all firearms on set.

 Use of ANY live or blank fire weapon(s), requires the use of an "on set" armorer at ALL times (No exceptions)!  

ALL Local, State and Federal Laws apply!

German Panzer commander firing MP-40
German Waffen-SS MG42 gunner on set

Weapons used in film & media productions will invariably include a wide variety of the different types; based on safety, what is being filmed, the location, and budget constraints.   So, to best assist you with your production needs, here are some basic industry terms (which once they are understood by you and/or your team), will most certainly help us both in determining  what options (from our large inventory of all types & eras of firearms) are the best & safest for you. 

Dummy Guns  = These are non-firing & mostly non-functioning replicas of firearms.  Great for "holster stuffers" or when a weapon is simply being  held in the background (no close-ups). 

Airsoft Guns  = Near perfect duplicates of the real thing.  Some even duplicate the action of a weapon being fired (actuate) without the loud noise or potential for serious injury.  Perfect for close-up action and locations that don't allow blanks and/or the loud noise they produce.


Weapons (Firearms)