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prop, wardrobe & set dressing acquisition  

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​​The buyer is responsible for the sourcing of wardrobe, props, & set dressing for any feature film or television production.  Productions rely on the buyer to effectively make the first edit when considering the aesthetic and practical needs of a project when choosing and procuring items (while taking the production budget to heart).  Yet, still getting the most with any expenditure!  A talented buyer can make a small budget look like it spent ten times as much! 

Productions therefore depend on a buyer’s ability to be discerning and selective! 
"Anyone can go on a shopping trip and come back with 3 of everything."  Would you use a "Wedding Stylist" for military

or historical productions?  We hope not, as that could spell disaster! In order to keep everything authentic, you'll need someone who is a comprehensive specialist in the era and fully understands the theme of the project. Furthermore, you need an expert who already has the established wholesale and specialty contacts for the often hard to find and essential, historically correct, items required.  

We have supplied projects with casts/extras lists into the hundreds.

Our buyers are highly experienced professionals, who understand all the nuances of any historical production, and can ensure results!

So, let us work with you to make certain that each of your wardrobe, prop, & set decoration departments get the most for your budget.

Thus, making your project look like you spent millions, at a fraction of the cost!  ....contact us for assistance!