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Military consultant Jay Lance inspects actors portraying WW2 GI

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Tech Advisor and Director go over scene with WW2 German Officers
Jay Lance, Military consultant and actor portraying a German General
Jay Lance preping weapons for a scene
Military Advisor Jay Lance briefing actors playing German Soldiers


Armorer Jay Lance test fires a WW2 German MP40

​​​Historical Research for film production generally includes at least two or more of the following: 

  • Video & Photo archives
  • Books and reference materials
  • First hand knowledge (interviews & written accounts )
  • Artifacts & documentation

Reviewing archival material requires someone who can recognize

or decipher every detail in a video or photo, to properly date and identify its content, in order to ensure it is correctly utilized.  An untrained eye, lacking the expertise, can spend hours looking at footage while not having a concept of what they are looking at,

and are thus more likely to make crucial errors. The result of which, would be undermining the factual content of any documentary or production that mistakenly incorporates it. This occurs much too often. We have that vitally important expertise, to speed the process, and ensure accurate content and placement.

We have conducted thousands of interviews with historical and military figures from all over the would, to augment the written accounts and reference material we have in our extensive library.

Having an intimate familiarity with, and access to, vast amounts of original military and/or historical artifacts, truly gives us a distinct advantage over those that have never handled, or even seen, the very thing they are trying to duplicate or procure for a film project.

When reviewing documentation it is extremely advantageous to have a working knowledge of various languages, and in the case of military documents, an in depth knowledge of military technical terms and slang.  We have that practical understanding and ability.

Furthermore, we have found that it takes at least a fundamental  knowledge of an era and its subject matter, to know how to get more detailed information on the topic. We have vast resources and knowledge, that can give you and your production that edge.

Historical & military training:  Many actors today have had no prior military service, familiarity with weapons, or a practical aptitude of vintage clothing, antique products, historical or military vehicles, etc. These issues put both them, and your project, at a serious disadvantage.  However, we can train them to look, move, and sound like a complete natural from the era or role being depicted.  

We help actors to look like they are real soldiers or police officers! 

safety, details, & essential information 

Jay Lance and arab soldier clearing a weapon

We can provide (but not limited to), all the following training:

  • proper weapon(s) handing (safe, efficient, & authentic)
  • military bearing, demeanor & mannerisms
  • military conduct, discipline, & grooming standards
  • military and/or historical etiquette & courtesies​
  • accuracy vs. errors (do's & don'ts)
  • proper wear of uniforms or vintage clothing
  • details, nuances, and techniques

​All of the aforementioned research factors, combined with historically accurate details and authentic training, are essential to a believable production.  We have ALL of these elements available to us, compounded by over 30 years of  experience.  We are able to provide the some of the most comprehensive historical and military research and training available in the film industry today.​   So, if your project has historical/military or law enforcement content, Contact Us!

Actress getting firearm training