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German 1940's Police officer & GESTAPO man
Thai Police officer, Foreign Law Enforcement
Police & Sheriff Navy Dark Blue uniform
Russian Police Officer
Chicago police officer uniform
San Francisco PD Sergeant flying a desk
Male & female police officers on a call
Police SWAT or SERT team member
Armed Security Guard
Small Town Rural Sheriff Deputy, Country Sheriff, Chief
Highway Patrolman uniform
Police officer 1930-40's uniform
Mounted police officer, with Mountie Hat
West Coast Deputy Sheriff dress uniform

selective Photo gallery

Complete Sheriff two tone Uniform with Smokey the Bear Hat
Chicago police officer uniform


Detroit Lieutenant police dress unifom
Police 1950's uniform
West Coast Deputy Sheriff summer uniform
1930's Prohibition Police Raid Officers - Speakeasy

Over 200 Law Enforcement uniforms, spanning the 1890's up to the Present day!   Contact us!

​Uniforms from departments & service branches all over the world!

We can give you a generic look, or be specific to near any particular agency that you are wanting to portray.  However, you need to be very careful nowadays, as many agencies are now trademarking their look (and patches), which would require you to get written authorization to portray them on film or in media.  We can do one officer or an entire department.  Your options are as vast, as they are diverse.   They can include (but not limited to), one or more of the... 

Chicago police officer uniform
East Coast Sheriff's Deputy
SWAT Team Member (Special Weapons and Tactics)
Basic Brown Sheriff Uniform

...following Agencies, Branches, and/or Departments:

  • Police Officers and/or Detectives
  • Sheriffs Office/Deputies
  • State Police/Highway Patrol 
  • SWAT or SERT
  • Mounted Officers (both Motorcycle & Horse)
  • Federal Agents (FBI & Border Patrol) 
  • Foreign Police Agencies (Vintage & Current)
Southern Highway Patrolman
East Coast/Mass trooper police uniform
US Border Patrol Senior Officer Uniform