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M10 Tank Destroyer "Hellcat" in WW2
US Army Rangers on Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan
Afghan mujahideen & ACU US Army soldier

Historical & Military (technical) Advisor

Jay Lance Historical Consultant

THE best in expert historical & military technical advising & CONSULTING

With greater access to content, viewers (which now includes nearly 20 million veterans in the U.S. alone), are becoming an increasingly more sophisticated audience and are thus demanding far greater historical integrity in media productions today.  Hence, producers of dramatic films, documentaries, and educational programming are more frequently hiring historical consultants to advise on wardrobe, props, set dressing, set design, dialect, and content accuracy.  

"It’s these outside experts who make the shows historically believable. Increasingly, though, the historical consultant is an essential member of any TV production village."  ~ Variety

The historical and military consultant (or technical advisor) clarifies all details which impact every historical aspect of film production. ​    

Some of these crucial areas, making advisors such an important member of the production crew, are (not limited to) the following:

  • video archival film collection review (correct footage​)
  • wardrobe dept. (correct uniforms, insignia, rank, etc.)
  • prop dept. (correct weapons, equipment, & props)
  • set decoration (correct items to the era)
  • training of actors (use of weapons, props, etc)
  • provide greater detail & accuracy​ (making it believable)

During pre-production we can assist all the appropriate department heads, making their job much easier, by advising on all historical or military details. Additionally, during filming, we can point out any historical inaccuracies that crop up. ​This might seem a bit excessive, but rabid fans appreciate the expertise and attention to detail, and...

..the director will be grateful for the reduction in the harshly critical emails and reviews that result. We have an excellent reputation for promptly completing projects.  Our input never delays production, it often speeds the process by providing difficult to know and unseen details to the appropriate department heads when, and often before, they need it.  No need for delays with departments spending crucial unavailable time researching what they are going to need.  This wasted time often results in overlooked details, glaring errors, and insufficient time to procure everything needed. Nonetheless, we also know that flexibility is very important in film production. We know how and what to prioritize.  We have the expertise, experience and client testimonials to back it up.

 "...Jay's in-depth knowledge of history, military tactics, costumes, weapons, war machines, special effects, and pyrotechnics, along with his passionate yet cool, calm, and collected demeanor, infectious personality, and overall work ethic makes him among the top five professionals in any specialty I've ever worked with.  Jay inspires the rest of his team, knows how to manage and support them, and has the producer's back every step of the way, not just fixing things after a problem arises but seeing it way ahead of time and designing a plan to prevent it." ~ William Martens, p.g.a.

For anyone taking on a "period piece" (vintage) and/or military oriented film or media project, you'll need an edge!  ...and we at
Historical ConFLIX can give it to you!