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Mobster 1930's train trestle set
Snow covered mountain top
Desert landscape
Old western town set
Huge Turkish fortress

Our location scouts take all the aforementioned into account, especially safety, when recommending any potential location. We are acutely aware military/historical projects can be even more daunting for a production company, as these productions can raise a number of additional issues and questions, such as:

  • digging allowed
  • use of pyrotechnics, special F/X, and/or blanks (noise, environmental & safety)
  • impact to the land (use of tracked vehicles such as tanks)
  • ability to modify or build 
  • historical accuracy

Nonetheless, we have successfully procured a number of unique, amazing, and unknown or never before used locations over the years, with the experience handling all the issues.    Contact Us!


European WW2 combat town set

location scout

Old west ghost town building
commando group
Tunnel and German troop truck
C-47 paratrooper jumping set
German WW2 freight train scene
great pyramids


WW2 train station scene
French WW2 industial buildings

Location scouting is a vital process in the pre-production phase of filmmaking and commercial photography. Once the director,  production designer and producers have decided what general kind of scenery or "look" they require, the search begins for a suitable "location" for each scene.  Our location scouts generally

seek spectacular or interesting locations beforehand. We here at Historical ConFLIX maintain a photo database of these unique locations.  We know that the suitability of a location takes into consideration many factors, including:

  • overall aesthetic
  • safety, safety, and safety!
  • logistic feasibility (including but not limited to distance from base of operations or other locations scheduled)
  • permission from and cooperation of location owner and neighbors, local government and/or law enforcement
  • ​availability of parking and facilities for talent (actors & extras) and crew.
  • availability of electrical power or feasibility of bringing in generators 
  • financial cost to production budget
  • ​size of cast, crew and/or production