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SSgt. Tank commander and Hellcaat in WW2



WW2 USAAF bomber crewman
Arab Bedouin soldier in WW1




​​​​Most services we offer are with an emphasis and expertise for historical and/or military oriented projects (as well as those that feature law enforcement personnel). However, we are not limited to those specialties.  We have worked on many such productions with great success and very positive feedback.  We offer a litany of services for your media/ad project and/or film production. Our proven talents and expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:


Historical/Military (Technical) AdvisorSpecial day, half day, and weekly rates available (plus expenses).

Consulting -
 Special day, half day, and weekly rates available, (plus expenses).

Production Designer  - Supervisor day rate, plus kit fee.

Art Director Supervisor day rate, plus kit fee.

Wardrobe Supervisor - Standard day rate (some prep-days can be billed at discounted rate), HC rentals billed separate  * 

Prop Master -
Standard day rate, plus kit fee (some prep-days can be billed at discounted rate), HC rentals billed separate 

Prop-makingQuoted per item or as time and materials.

Set DesignerStandard day rate, plus materials.

Set Decorator- Supervisor day rate, plus materials & kit fee.

Set Construction Standard day rate, plus materials & kit fee.

Set Dresser Standard day rate, plus materials & kit fee, (all rentals billed separately).

Armorer (Weapons) - Required for the use of ANY live firing or functional weapons. Day & half day rates available, plus rentals.

Pyrotechnician - Each job is unique. Can be quoted flat rate or as time & materials.

Buyer - ​Standard day rate, plus 15-25% commission of  any wholesale purchases (using my wholesale license). STN

Training - Special day and half day rates available, plus costs.

Research & Archival Supervisor Special day, half day, and weekly rates available.

Location ScoutingSpecial day, half day, and weekly rates available.

Casting/Reenactor WranglingStandard day rate. 


Wardrobe - Rates are per item, per week ("for production" rates are available).  Grouping (package) prices apply to law enforcement sets only.  Larger orders can be considered for a discounted rate.  Cleaning costs are extra (as needed), additions or modifications are per item (adding or removing

patches, etc.). 

Props Rates are per item, per week ("for production" rates are available). *  

Set Dressing/DecorationRates are per item, per week ("for production" rates are available). Very large orders can be considered for a discounted rate. 

Weapons - Rates are per weapon, per day (large or long term orders can be considered for a discounted figure). 

Vehicles - STN (often third party rentals, and thus require a negotiated figure).  

                         * any loss or damage (L&D), will be invoiced separately 

  • Special Day Rate (Feature, Indie, & Commercial) = POR
  • Supervisor Day Rate = STN (above our Standard Rate)
  • Standard Day Rate = STN
  • Kit Fee = Industry Standard (or STN)
  • "For Production" = Industry term for duration of the production/project, usually 3-6 weeks.

                         POR = Price on Request
                         STN = Subject to Negotiation 

Some of our rates and prices are subject to negotiation. We can work with most budgets (large or small).  Whether you have a historical, military or law enforcement oriented production, or just a standard contemporary piece, we can help!  Let us make your job easier, and your final product look like you spent a million dollars (at only a tiny fraction of the cost).  No job is too big or too small.   If you have any questions, a production issue needing a creative solution, or you're simply ready to get a quote, please Contact Us!