US Army furturistic camouflage Special Forces soldier
WW2 German senior Panzer commander with Knight Cross
WW2 US Navy Corpsman 1/c Medic in Jumper uniform
US Army Honor Guard, WW1, circa 1918
WWII French Soldier POW, with German captor, 1940



Volksturm, Germans soldiers, WW2, WWII, End of the war
US Army Jungle fighter and Japanese Naval Landing Force officer
Modern US Army Pilot, circa 1999
WW2 German Waffen-SS soldier in camo uniform dot pattern
WW2 Finnish Army Officers
WW2 British Commando Officer saluting
WW2 Italian Army Infantry officer
German WW2 SS Officer of the Waffen-SS, in a cabaret in Berlin circa 1940
Argentine Soldier, Falkland Islands, 1982, Malvinas, Argentina
German WW2 Luftwaffe or Air Force General officer
US Army Air Force officer in Pinks and greens uniform with crusher style hat
US Army WW2 Late war Battle of the Bulge M43 uniformed soldiers
German WW2 General and staff officer
US Army Soldiers in the field with M41 and M43 uniforms
WW2 officer in the USAAF pilot and co-pilot in full flight gear
German WW2 Marine Artillery gefeiter Soldier
Confederate Army soldiers American Civil War
US Army DCU uniform from Gulf 2 War, Proper Salute
WW2 US Navy commander in winter overcoat and dark blue visor cap
US Army Air Force Waist Gunner in full sherling leather flight uniform
American Civil War Confederate Soldier, 1864
US Army Major, circa 1966, Officer, Class A uniform,
WW2 Waffen-SS sentry with MP40
WW2 British Airborne paratrooper in Arnhem
WW2 Japanese Continental winter wool uniform and leather gear
HJ Flak Helper in luft blue uniform
WW2, Canadian Pilot, RCAF, RAF, Circa 1942
US Marines in WW2, South Pacific
US Army Ranger, Operation Annaconda Roberts Ridge Afghanistan
British WW2, British Glider Pilot, Arnhem & Nijmegen 1944
WW2 USMC Sergeant Dress uniform
WW2 US Navy WAVE officer
Hitler Bomb Plot, Wolf's Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg, East Prussia - Hermann Fegelein, Otto Günsche, Franz von Sonnleithner, Günther Korten, Rudolf Schmundt, Heinz Waizenegger, and Herbert Büchs
Russian "Red Dawn" Soldier, OPFOR, US Army in BDU's circa 1988
WW1 US Army Doughboy in full combat order
US Army Soldier ACU's, Iraq, Circa 2008


WW2 RAAF Aussie pilot
German WW2 Fallshirmjager or Paratrooper MG gunner
US Army Tiger Stripes LRRP soldier with M76 Vietnam
WW2 US Army Lt. in field combat uniform
Vietnam Firebase US Army Soldiers with M16 & M60

Military uniforms, foreign or domestic...

All eras from 1846 to present day.  Nearly ALL nations & ALL conflicts in that time span.  We can help advise your production with what you need to authentically represent the military personnel of the era, and if needed, do any additional research required to ensure it's correct.


We can provide fully equipped (complete "HEAD TO TOE"), with ALL the little details that make your actor look the part, and come alive in the role.  If your actor needs some additional training to accurately portray that soldier, sailor or airman, then we can handle that too!  

If we don't have it, we likely can get it!  If you require large quantities, your in luck.  We have numerous accounts with wholesale suppliers and our buyerscan get your production, ALL that you need during the pre-production phase.  No job too small, No job too big!  On this page you can see just a small sampling of the productions we have been involved with and/or uniforms in our vast inventory. Contact us!

US Army AF bomber crewman in late war flight gear
Waffen-SS female auxilery officer, Heer dispatch rider and SD officer
US Army Sergeant, circa 1849 Mexican War
USAAF Lt. Officer in Ike uniform pinks and greens
WW2 RAF flight officer in gear
pre-war Allgemeine SS uniform and coffe can hat
US Army Air Corps Pilots, 1942, AAF, USAAF, USAAC