Late 1940's to 50's spy or detective slooth
1940's family with Father, Daughter, and teenaged son
1940/50's Ladies Winter Wear with fur collared wool coat
Vintage men in front of Lincoln Continental
American Indian cheif
1970s TV reporter, Newscaster, Prime Time TV reporting, Network News.
Early 1930's German woman in winter wear
European refugee mother and child WW2
Victorian Edwardian womans day clothes
Old West Cowboys, Pistoleros, South West, gunman, Wells Fargo Bandits, Lawman, Lawless Frontier
Mid to late 1940's mens suit and fedora hat
Old Western Ranch Hands, Lever Action Rifles and Colt Pistols.
1940's 1930 vintage men's double breasted suits and fedora hats


WW2 era 1940s farm family
Mid 1950's east coast young man summer wear
1960's Mad Men, Madison Avenue Advertising Executive Suit, Don Draper,
Standard 1940/50's Ladies Day Wear with Fedora Hat & Suede Leather Gloves
Womans 1940's robe
Great Gadsby, Formal wear, Tuxedo with tails, Vintage Tux's, fine tux
Old West 1880's couple on town street.
Mobster, Gangster, St. Valentines Day Massacre, FBI
Late 1930's to early 1940's mens dress suits and hats
Late 1940's to early 1950s womans dress and hat
Al Capone era Mobster with M1928 Thompson Machine Gun
Womans 1940's suit and fedora
Early 1900's Men's three piece HBT (Herring Bone Twill) suit

If your production is set in the timeframe of 1880's up through the 1960's, we likely have all that you need in period clothing.  

We have hundreds of mens vintage suits & women's outfits, hats, accessories, and footwear.....and much much more!   Contact Us!

SUITS (Summer/Winter)

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Overcoats/Trench Coats/Top Coats
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Fedoras (men & women)



Dent Caps/Newsboy 






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Women's (dress, day, and leisure)


Ties & Tie clips (100's to choice from - All Eras)

Cuff links

Handkerchiefs & Scarves (men & women)


Gloves (men & women)

Ladies Summer Day Wear, late 1940's to early 1950s
Turn of the century finery, Titanic, First Class, New York Elite
Roaring Twenties Flapper Dress
Outdoors attire late 1920's
Woman in 1940's day clothes
Woman in 1930's knit dress

We have a LARGE assortment of VINTAGE CLOTHING, spanning the 1880's thru 1960's!


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