​​Do you have a question for us?   We likely already have an answer for you.   As such, please review our frequently asked questions below.   If you don’t find the answer to your question(s) below, then please contact us!

What are your rental rates?

Prop and Wardrobe items are priced individually, giving you the opportunity to mix and match all of your requested pieces.  However we also have pricing for groups/sets (ie: package prices).  We have hourly rates for photographers or photo shoots, daily rates for small projects, and weekly rate for larger productions (including "for production" rates).  If your using multiple services and/or rentals, we often make a package deal.  Thus, prices are negotiable when renting a large number of items or services. Contact us for more specific pricing info for your production needs.

Do you have a minimum rental amount?

We have a minimum rental amount of $35 (USD), for the total of all items utilized per rental project/production.

How do I reserve my items?

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to reserve or hold any item(s), along with a signed rental agreement and sometimes a credit card on file in order to reserve rental items for your project.  The total balance is due in advance for first time customers (and for all independent or small productions) or at the time completion/scheduled return (for most repeat customers).  

When should I reserve my items?

Many of our pieces are very rare, thus are limited quantity or often one of a kind, so please reserve as early as possible! We recommend reserving items in as far in advance of your production filming dates as is possible.  Last minute reservations/rentals, or those requested within 2 days of shooting, must be paid in full at the time of pickup (or prior).

What if I don’t see something I’m looking for?

Please get in touch with us. We may have it in our inventory even though it has not yet been photographed. We may also be likely to source it for you. We love to hunt for rare items!   If you’re looking for something we don’t have, please ask, it might be in our warehouse.  If we actually don't have it, and it fits our specialty of Vintage, Military, or Law Enforcement, we might be happy to add it to our inventory. We can often find what you need with a single phone call, but we may need extra time to source a specific rare piece.  So, please let us know what you’re looking for as soon as possible!

How long is the rental period?

The rental period for any of our pieces are 5 hours (half day rate) to 6 weeks. Delivery/pick-ups must be coordinated and agreed upon in advance and any hold overs or excessive delays (with returns) will result in additional rental fees.  Any loss or damage will result in replacement charges.

Longer rental periods are possible, as long as our pieces aren’t reserved for another production. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate!   Late returns can result in additional fees.

Hourly rentals are available for photographers. Contact us for more details!

Do you have a cancellation Policy?

We understand things come up making you unable to follow through with your rental contract. We honor full refunds of the final payment if you decide to cancel at least 3 days before your project. If 2 days or less, we reserve the right to retain 30% of the rental amount.  No refunds for unused items or items returned after the start of your production or delivery.

Do you deliver? And how much does it cost?

Yes, we can deliver!  Delivery costs vary and depend on the size of the order, location, delivery/pick up times, and any additional services required. We specialize in the Portland, Oregon area, but have often accommodated further distances as well.  If out of the area, most items can be sent via your company Fed-Ex account.  If you don't have a shipping account, then all S&H charges must be paid in advance of shipment (no exceptions).   

ALL rentals fees, for items that require shipping, must be paid in full prior to shipping.  

Delivery fees begin at $50, and we are happy to provide a delivery quote for orders over $200. Orders are delivered to a designated area of the venue determined prior to delivery, and picked up in the same location (unless set up/take down is requested). Deliveries that require moving larger items up flights of stairs will incur extra charges.  We will provide a custom delivery quote based upon the size of the order, complexity, and distance from our location.

Can we pick up items to waive the delivery fee?

Self pick-up is available and is approved on a case-by-case basis. Pick up and return times must be scheduled in advance,. We reserve the right to deny pick-up if we deem your mode of transportation to be unsafe or dangerous to our inventory. Late returns can result in additional fees.

Do you offer Staging/Set Decoration services?

Yes we have
set decorators/dressers If you require assistance to set up your rental items for your project, we charge a standard day rate (half day rates are also available). The number of people and length of time required for set up will be determined during a free consultation. 

What happens if something is damaged or lost?

We understand that accidents happen. 
In the event that a piece is broken beyond repair or missing, we charge a replacement fee which varies depending on the piece. If an item is returned stained or damaged but can be cleaned or repaired, you will be charged the cost incurred to repair or clean it (sometimes with the addition of a 10% daily rate for the duration of time the item is unavailable). An separate invoice will be sent to you and payment can either be processed through your credit card on file, Paypal, or another form of payment.

I have a vintage piece or military item I'd like to sell.  Are you buying?

Yes!  We are always looking to add to our collection/inventory. Kindly send us an email with pictures and details.  If it is something we are interested in, we will definitely respond with a reasonable offer!

What are your Consulting rates?

We have a standard day rate for major productions, and special rate for smaller projects, and also may provide a discounted "prep" rate for both. Please contact Jay Lance directly, to determine what rate would be most applicable to your project/production. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Personal or Company check (for established customers and productions), and Paypal.  Late returns can result in additional fees.

Do you have an individual item price list?

Each of our rental pieces is priced individually.  We can provide you with a custom quote, based upon your selected items.  Please just simply provide us with a list of the items you’re interested in/need (or we can do it for you), and submit your list for a free quote (larger and/or more in depth productions may require billable pre-production time).   We will get back to you soon as possible with your pricing.

Where are you located?

The bulk of our rental items are stored in climate controlled locations in the Pacific Northwest.   Please contact us if you would like to see our inventory in person and/or discuss how it matches the vision for your upcoming project.  We are also available to meet you at set locations, strictly by appointment only.


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Frequently asked Questions